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Aviation and Aerospace


  • Purchase, sale, lease, and other transactions involving aircraft of all kinds, from piston singles to corporate jets to airliners.

  • FAA waiver processes for special events, especially airshows.

  • Operational issues under FAR Parts 91, 135, and 125, including air carrier matters.

  • Purchase, sale, and commercialization of aircraft type certificates and supplemental type certificates (STCs).

  • Subpart K fractional operations and shared-ownership programs, including representing both operators and owners of fleet aircraft.

  • FAA enforcement actions, including pilot certificate actions.

Steve's Qualifications

  • Pilot with private, commercial, and/or instructor privileges in gliders, single-and multi-engine land airplanes, and single-engine seaplanes. Instrument-rated in airplanes. Type-rated (SIC) in the Douglas DC-3/C-47.

  • Past chair of the Aviation Section of the State Bar of Michigan.

  • Air Boss and airshow planning and operations training through the International Counsel of Air Shows (ICAS).

  • Airshow pilot with Lead formation card through the Red Star Pilots Association (one of only seven FAST-card-holders in the glider category).

  • Member, National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

  • Member, Experimental Aircraft Association.

  • Member, International Aerobatic Club.

  • Member, Soaring Society of America.

  • Lieutenant colonel, legal officer, check pilot - Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force auxiliary)

    • Legal officer for Great Lakes Region, covering six wings, 6,000 airmen, and 200 subordinate units.

    • Instructor pilot and check pilot examiner.

    • Director of glider operations for Michigan Wing.

  • Publisher and host of Airspeed, an aviation and aerospace podcast (10+ years and 200+ episodes).


  • Counsel in charge of contracting for all aviation operations for the Part 125 air carrier that operated Roundball One, the Detroit Pistons’ DC-9 and later MD-83 from RFP through contract negotiation and renewal.

  • Purchases, sales, leases, and/or interchange agreements covering dozens of turboprop and jet aircraft.

  • Air Boss in charge of all planning and operations for the Tuskegee Airmen Detroit River Days Airshow. Now in its fifth year, the show is a full surface-waivered airshow with everything from gliders to military jets, operating over the Detroit River. The show site is one of the most complicated in all or North America, with skyscrapers on one side, an international border on the other, Detroit Metro Airport’s Class B airspace above, and a major international shipping land below. The FAA waiver for the show involves waiver of 15 FAR subsections and more than 30 special provisions. On a given show day, Steve commands or directs more than 100 personnel, five vessels, and up to 15 aircraft involving up to five airports. The show requires coordination with the City of Detroit, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, Detroit Police (including dive team), Detroit Fire, Wayne Couty Sheriff (including dive team), the U.S. Coast Guard, the Windsor Harbourmaster, the U.S. Air Force, the Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada, Nav Canada, and others.